Just watch

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Having a sensor-packed computer on your wrist for identity/payments/etc. is going to be awesome in like, three or four years, when sensor technology is better, battery life is improved, the cases are a bit smaller, and crucially, there are way more Internet-connected devices to interact with both in our homes and while out and about.

In the meantime, hearing people discuss smartwatches’ merits – or lack thereof – will become unbearable. It already is.

Apple is smart to release it now and to frame the narrative largely around getting people interested in actually being seen wearing it, followed by what I can only assume will be years of both working hard and waiting patiently for the rest of the pieces to fall into place. If anyone can afford a long play like this, it’s the company with $160B in cash. It’s a much longer play than the iPhone or iPad were. Not to mention that it’ll probably generate a shit-ton of revenue in the interim.

It’s not the end of a trek but we’ll be reading articles that treat it as such for quite some time.

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